Monday, 1 July 2013

Canada Day Weekend Sec Lake 2013

Proud to say that the annual Canada Day Celebrations are continuing in fine form. 
Bev and I left Barrie Friday morning around 9:30 heading off for a five and a half hour drive to meet up with an old friend for two nights on Sec Lake. Arriving at the gate to pick up our permit we loaded up the gear into the canoe, and I do mean load but we were comfortable. Paddling out onto a busy lake, with most sites already taken, we headed down the back side of the Island and approaching the point site and it was not hard to tell we had the right site. 

Waiting on shore to welcome us was no other than Bo Knows and his friend Susan with her Son Adam, calling us ashore to the tarps strung, the fire burning and the offering of beverages of choice. 
Introductions were soon made all around and we started to settle in, unloading all the gear, setting up the big tent and assorted creature comforts we settled down around the fire to catch up. 
Looking up at one point I noticed a solo in a canoe heading towards us and upon closer inspection it was no other than The Sweedish Pimple himself. He had come up late the night before and was camped down the lake. 
More greetings all the way around and the next thing we knew, Dead Weight was pulling up joining us. 
Nice to finally meet you Paul and Congratulations on the Canoe.                                         I have been fortunate enough to meet some people through the online forum Algonquin Adventures and through a joined love of the Park, friendships have developed.
But there were more to come as two more canoes pulled up with Derek and his wife Nikki and their three kids, not to mention a Lab that had a fascination with the site squirrel, reminding Derrick every once in awhile to keep a firm grip on the leash. 
We all enjoyed a sunset and conversation as the sun set before Derik, Nikki and the kids loaded up and headed back to their camp site. 
It had been a while since The Pimple, Bo and I had sat around a campfire together and the stories, both old and new were soon being shared. 
Discussing where we had been and what was going on, the rest of the evening just flew by and before we knew it, it was closing in on Midnight as Swede pushed off heading back to his site and those of us still up called it a night. 
The forecasted rain finally arrives sometime Friday night but by the time I strolled out of the tent 
it had pretty much passed. 

What a treat it is to wake up to the fire already burning and water in the kettle ready for coffee. 

To summarize Saturday, it was spent under the tarp as a shower blew through interrupted with slipping out for a little fishing and Sec did not fail to live up to its reputation for Bass. 

This was the result of a five minute paddle, one cast and five minutes of trolling. 

Adam enjoying a quiet moment off the point of the site. 

As usual when interior tripping with Bev, the Park Rangers stopped by for a chat and to check our permits and fishing licences. With the formalities soon out of the way they were soon on their way to continue their rounds. 
I think we finally managed to squeeze breakfast in of bacon and eggs all around somewhere around 1 pm before we all got back to some serious lazing around the fire as we watched a pair of Blue Herons fly around 

landing on the far rock on the point every once in a while. 

Bo had packed in his guitar and at one point started taking requests 

Even breaking into his Algonquin Anthem, sung to the tune of This Land Is Your Land. 

Derik, Nikki and family arrived for the evening and more wood was added to the fire and the stories we being shared. 
Just after the sunset, someone noticed something out toward the middle of the Lake and although it was not the most intelligent thing I have ever seen and obviously broke a pretty major Park rule, I would like to thank whoever thought it was a good idea for two guys to paddle a canoe down the middle of the Lake towing an empty canoe behind them, pulling the empty up beside them and lighting a small Firework before shoving the canoe a safe distance before it went off. 
As I said, very against the Park Regulations and probably not the brightest thing to do, but the kids appreciated it (as the Adults explained why this was against the rules). They let off three small ones before they disappeared back the way they had come. 

Sunday was spent pretty much the same but with a little blue skies and just enough wind to keep the bugs down. 

and brought more company when Gord from Algonquin Bound stopped by to say hi to Bo. Nice to meet you Gord. 

Mot or Tom and Neb even popped by a few times having some fun relocating a few things. 

I think we were finally packed up and ready to head for the car around 5:30 and enjoyed a relaxed paddle back down an almost glass smooth Lake back to the put in. 

With a quick trip into Petawawa for a stop at Quiznos and Tim Hortons we were heading for home and enjoyed a traffic free drive, arriving home just after midnight. 

Happy Canada Day Everyone 

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